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The Ridge Gift Guide for Grads

June 04, 2018

The Ridge Gift Guide for Grads


It’s an exciting time of year for newly grads. Swapping out your school uniform for a graduation gown can only happen a few times in life, so it’s worth pulling out the stops and celebrating. Barbecues, grad parties, bottomless mimosa brunches—there’s a few ways that graduating seniors get a little loose as Summer approaches. 

And let’s not forget about grad gifts!

These young adults have slaved away in libraries and classrooms to walk across the stage on graduation day. What better way to recognize years of hard work than a gift that they’ll be using on the daily. Here’s our Grad Gift Guide:

Minimalist Wallet

This one is a staple, obviously. Is there more fit of a gift to purchase from than our flagship product The Ridge Wallet? Likely not, but that doesn’t make it any less ideal of a gift for the grads in your life.

These newly grads are venturing off into full-blown adulthood, one in which presentation means a little more and that bulky wallet will be out of style just as fast as wearing sweats will be. Whether you’re throwing on a three-piece suit to work in the financial district, or a cargo vest to be a geographic surveyor, you don’t need unnecessary items convoluting your wallet.

Whether it be carbon fiber or aluminum, cash strap or money clip, jet black or rose gold, there are dozens of options when it comes to re-evaluating your everyday carry.

RFID-blocking Commuter Backpack

The Commuter Bag is aptly named for those looking to enter the workforce full-time. Sleek and water resistant, this backpack is professional lookingand incredibly functional. Briefcases were your grandfather’s commuter of choice—the modern professional needs something with more utility.

But let’s not jump to conclusions! Many seniors will be opting for a quick trip abroad or a summer road trip before they start buckling down for a 9-5,and we get that. The optional charging pack lets you keep your devices charged wherever you find yourself—whether it be the beaches of Bali or the deserts of Joshua Tree. Further, the RFID-blocking pocket ensures you’re keeping your valuable goods out of thieves’ reach.

Card Case

Last but not least is a more functional phone case. Sometimes you want to travel even lighter than a wallet, or keep your credit card just a phone grab away. The card case, coming in black, navy, or brown leather provides protection for your cellular device with two convenient pockets for keeping a few cards on hand.

Set your new grads up for success with a revamped everyday carry—they'll enjoy it. And let them know The Ridge Team says congratulations!