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How to Convince Your Friend to Drop Their Bulky Old Wallet and Get The Ridge

June 26, 2018

How to Convince Your Friend to Drop Their Bulky Old Wallet and Get The Ridge

Hey, listen, we know that we don’t have to convince you. You’ve already been sold. You’ve learned the benefits of minimalism, you like having a slimmer wallet, and you show off your Ridge every time you get the chance to make a payment.

But not everyone sees the advantages of a sleek, durable, non-bulky wallet right away. Some people, like your friend, well… they need to be convinced. And even though that heavy, nasty, ripped up old wallet in their pocket is about two steps away from tearing in half, they might get stubborn if you push them the wrong way.

We can’t guarantee that you’ll convince your friend to join the side of light, goodness, and sitting evenly instead of at a weird slant. However, here are some tactics to try.

Let’s Talk About George Costanza

When it comes to popular culture, there are few points of reference as prevalent as Seinfeld. No matter who you are talking to, or where they come from, there’s a decent chance that they know about the Soup Nazi, close talkers, double dippers, and the myriad of other catchphrases that Jerry Seinfeld and his pals brought to life.

One episode that heavy wallet owners know all too well, though, is the one about George’s wallet. Bulky, stuffed with so many receipts and bills that it can barely close, George’s wallet is only a mild exaggeration of the wallets that all too many people really do carry everywhere. By the end of the episode, George’s wallet finally hits the point where it can’t close, dying a monumental death. So when you’re talking to your friend, remind them of this: do they want to reach this point? Of course not.

Durability is key

If your friend is really cheap — which is a strong likelihood, if they’ve been carrying the same wallet for a decade — they might tell you the Ridge wallet is too expensive. It’s not, though: at least, not when you take sustainability into account. While leather wallets will look faded and yellowed within a few month, a Ridge wallet is built to last. It’s tough, secure, and you can keep it for years.

The benefits of minimalism

We’ve written quite a bit on why minimalism is the philosophy of the day, but nothing embodies these principles like the Ridge wallet itself.

Tell your friend to open up their wallet, and go through every single gift card, receipt, photograph, value card, and anything else they have packed away inside it. Tell them to really consider every item. Is it worth carrying all these things on them, everywhere they go? With a giant wallet, it can be tempting to stuff it all in, but if you pare down, you’ll only stick with the essentials. Seriously, once you’ve been converted to the minimalist lifestyle, you’ll never go back.

Tell them to do it for their health

Finally, if all else fails, it’s time to pull out the big gun: no matter how much they might love that bulky old wallet, it turns out that it’s absolutely horrible for their spine. If they stuff it in the back pocket, like most men do, it can cause sciatica, due to the fact that this forces them to sit at an uneven slant. Even if they wedge it into their front pocket, it isn’t much better, as this position pinches the area between their thigh and torso.

So, tell your friend that getting a Ridge isn’t just about being cool: it’s about helping their mind, health, and general well-being. Why wait?