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Your Winter Everyday Carry

September 28, 2017

Your Winter Everyday Carry

Seasons change, and so do our tools to cope with everyday life. It may start to feel - after long months of carrying the same things - that your everyday carry is a complete, whole collection that shouldn’t be tampered with.

Let’s toss out the sunscreen, though - unless you’re paler than a bottle of bleach, you won’t need to layer any on for those long hours outside.

What you DO need are the tools to tackle this upcoming winter with the ever-ready preparedness that you’ve always been known for.

Let’s add a few options to your EDC list:

1. Hand Warmers

If you haven’t used one of these heaven-sent heat sacs, you’re in for a real treat. Tear the wrapper, expose the bag to the air, and you’ll soon have a volcanic pouch of frostbite-fighting warmth that can easily be slipped into a pair of gloves to keep your (you guessed it) hands warm.

Speaking of gloves...

2. Gloves

We typically don’t run around in the summer time with a pair of gloves - unless you need to carry a pair on-hand (no pun intended) for your job or something. But, a good pair of gloves should become a staple of your winter everyday carry… For obvious reasons.

3. Emergency Blanket

It may not be an everyday necessity… But not all of our everyday carries depend on everyday use. It’s all about being prepared for the situation at hand. These little blankets take up less space than a pack of gum, but could save your life should you get caught outside for long periods of time. Plus, they make great cheap blankets for snowy sports stands.

4. Thermos

You may take the occasional travel mug to work with you, but nothing beats a well-made thermos. Whether it's some hearty soup to keep you full throughout the day, or a steaming hot pot of coffee you need to sip on every hour to stay alert - a good thermos will keep you prepped.

On top of all these things, your everyday knife, wallet (it better be a Ridge…), phone, etc. will all still remain as faithful and useful as ever. If you can think of some more, useful additions to your winter EDC, make sure to drop us a mention and let us know!

Stay safe, stay prepped.