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Why We Love The Mountains

November 07, 2017

Why We Love The Mountains

“Great things are done when men and mountains meet." —William Blake

When we think of freedom, exploration, peace of mind… the mountainsides tend to appear. There just isn’t anything comparable to the sheer grandeur of a towering mountain. Here are a few reasons why we can’t stay away from these awesome jutting stone colossus’.


We can see

Part of the awe of the mountainside is the visibility. When you climb to the top of a mountain, you can see - for miles and miles, without a damn thing blocking your view. If you don’t have the luxury of living in a rural community, you know what it’s like to be surrounded by hundreds of towering buildings blocking your view every day. The mountains present an overwhelming cure to that.

We can hear

You can hear everything on a mountain. From the crunch of gravely rock beneath your boots, to the quiet rhythm of your breathing. In the cities, it really feels like sound has just become a conglomerate of inaudible mess. You can’t hear certain things… You have to listen for them. You have to listen, because there’s always so much going on that it actually requires focus to hone in on a singular sound. Not so in the mountains, where everything is crisp, open, echoing and calm. You can actually hear.

We love the community

We aren’t just talking about like-minded climbers, here - we mean the neighboring small towns of mountain folk. Travel to a huge mountain, and you’ll likely come across several small towns at the base. The aesthetics of these places alone are relaxing and folky; but the people… They’re everything to aspire for a vacation away from the city. Mountain folk have a certain camaraderie, respect, and good nature that just isn’t as frequently found in large cities. You’ll walk into a place after having the door held open for you, be greeted by plenty of warm eyes, and never have trouble getting directions or finding anything you need. It’s refreshing, in every social sense of the word.

We love the time well spent

Let’s face it: out in our daily lives time tends to be swallowed up by digital noise and the hustle of everyday work. Some people live those 9 to 5’s that drain the hell out you, and it can feel like the entire week went to waste. That’s why we love the mountains: they take you away from all of it. You spend time with family, friends. You have quiet time for introspective thoughts. You can breathe. And, at the end of it all, you feel connected.

We love the mountains simply because of the time well spent.