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The Make of a Modern Gentleman

November 16, 2017

The Make of a Modern Gentleman

There are many rules that require following in order to be a proper gentleman in this modern age. A few that come to mind are…. “Remembering to always walk on the outside section of the pavement,” and, “Never staring at the phone when given the opportunity to stare at the face of the woman he loves,” and, “Only uses the eggplant emoji when speaking specifically about eggplants,” to name a few.

But, we aren’t going to list out the pinnacle of manly behavioral guidelines, here. No, we’re going to talk about the dress of the rare and esteemed modern gentleman; namely, the types of clothes one would need and they things they’d carry.

A Suit

Every gentleman is required to own a suit. It doesn’t matter if you’re a modern day working-class gentleman, or the highest paid bachelor in the U.S. - a man in a well-tailored suit is a man ready for business, special occasions, and romance. Suits level the playing field in the wolf’s den of business, and give you the edge in a bar full of haze.

Arthur Ashe says it well, “Clothes and manners do not make the man; but when he is made, they greatly improve his appearance.”

Blues and Whites

A gentleman is far more than a suit and tie, though. A modern day gentleman knows when to don the white-tee, grease up the Levi’s, and add some more callus to the hands. A man should have the go-to wear when the oil needs changed or a spigot needs replacing.

The backbone of this country is dressed in blue and white. Dirt, grit, and grease should be no stranger to a gentleman’s working clothes, and a gentleman should be no stranger to the work.

The Carry

money clip

Gentleman come in many shapes, sizes, and lifestyles. Some may carry a weapon. Some, a cigar. In any case, there a few items no gentleman should be caught without:

  • A watch, for your particular needs (tactical, formal)
  • A knife, for everyday demands - and possibly self-defense
  • A Zippo lighter, for another man’s smoke, or your own survival
  • A ballpoint pen, for notes, measurements, and deals to be made
  • A handkerchief, for spills, sweat, grease, and blood; and
  • A wallet, for the transactions a gentleman must undoubtedly make

For a gentleman, it’s to be noted that the things you carry should all fit the criteria of compact, durable, and effective. A modern man never carries things of unnecessary bulk or flimsy quality. A gentleman knows what he needs, and uses only the finest of those things…

One of which, dear friends, is The Ridge.

Above all, strive to be the man you’re called to be. In the end, one who is full of goodwill, discipline, and forgiveness, will always be a gentleman in our book