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Reasons to Clear the Clutter Out of Your Life

July 27, 2018

Reasons to Clear the Clutter Out of Your Life

Clutter. It’s everywhere, isn’t it? Your closet is cluttered with clothes you never wear. Your desk is cluttered with so many papers that you can’t find anything anymore. Even your phone screen is cluttered with ads every time you open an app…and oh yeah, about that, how many apps are clogging up your phone’s memory right now?

If you’re interested in a Ridge Wallet—or if, perhaps, you’ve already got one hanging out in your pocket right now—clutter is something you’ve probably thought a lot about. After all, the chief appeal of the Ridge is the fact that it gives you the tools to declutter your overstuffed wallet, cutting down on the things you don’t need, so you can focus more on the ones you do. But decluttering your life doesn’t have to stop with whatever wallet your choose: if you play your cards right, getting a Ridge can be the first step toward a cleaner, more meaningful life path.

Cluttered life, cluttered mind

Hey, we don’t blame you for getting your life cluttered. It happens to everyone. We live in overstimulated society, where an endless supply of merchandise, distractions, things, and connections are only a click away. If anything, in today’s world, it’s hard to not get overwhelmed with clutter: whether it’s too many things, too many social outings, too many lamps, or anything, we get it.

However, the problem with having a cluttered life is that it restricts your freedom. The more things you’re doing on a regular basis, the more items or activities or so on that are constantly packing your life, the less time you have for yourself.

Obviously, going too far in the other direction is also bad: having nothing, having no one, and having too much time, is arguably an even worse problem. But there’s a way to find balance, and that’s by shedding the things you don’t need, so that you can focus on the things that matter most to you.

With too much clutter, it becomes hard to determine what things you really care about

Here’s a big part of the problem with clutter: if you have too much, it becomes so overwhelming that you can’t focus on which things you care about, and which things you don’t. The things that you do care about don’t have to make sense: maybe there’s a shirt that has special meaning for you, for whatever reason. But if there’s another shirt you’re hanging onto, that you never wear, and that you never will wear? It’s probably time to stop holding onto it.

When you have less items, those items mean more to you. You stop thinking, “Oh, I forgot I had that!” and instead, you know exactly where everything is, and you feel at ease with it.

When you minimize, your life can improve

By taking the effort to embrace minimalism in your life, you can begin going through everything, item by item, and throwing away the things you don’t really need. Once you’ve sorted through, you’ll be amazed at how much more you think about—and appreciate—the items that you do hold onto.

A minimalistic life is a life with more focus, with more meaning, with more value. Don’t let getting a minimalistic wallet be the end of it: take the time to curate your things, your apps, and your schedule, to make it into something that embraces the authentic, and sheds the unnecessary.