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The Ridge Essentials

January 10, 2018

The Ridge Essentials

Whether you’re into New Year’s resolutions or not, there’s no better time to make some positive change in your life than… right now. We aren’t here to give you some inspirational flake or anything like that, though. No, we’d like to propose something different…

Your carry can change your life.

Just like how a minimalist lifestyle can alter the way you view the world, your everyday carry can do exactly the same. Doesn’t matter if you carry bucketloads of tactical gear or only your wallet and phone - what you carry and how you use it make a tremendous difference.

We’ve created a badass guide to choosing the right everyday carry, so we won’t beat the dead horse, here. However, we think it’s time you really take a look at how our very own EDC gear can help you get your New Year jumpstarted.

The Staple

Built and bred around the idea of our minimalist wallets, The Ridge is just too much to brag about. Whether you’re planning on traveling the world for 2018, blocking a few RFID skimmers, or simply keeping your spine from looking like The Nile by the time you hit 60, The Ridge has you covered. Slim, durable, and backed with a lifetime guarantee. Seriously, make the switch for 2018.

Your Phone

It doesn’t matter if we’re talking wallet, phone, or backpack - our gear is optimized for slim profiles while maximizing functionality. The Ridge Card Case exemplifies that standard. Oil waxed, full grain leather (best you can get) for solid shell protection while still being capable of holding the necessary cards you use the most on the go. 2018… Stay protected.

The Pack

We can’t talk enough about our deceptively spacious backpack…. Which, may be due to the fact that we created it and all. But, creator’s passion aside, this pack is perfect to streamline your new year - regardless of your urban, rural, or sea-scaping lifestyle. 2018 may hold a lot of adventure your way, or it may be the year of relentless commuting during your grind to the top. Either way, you’d be doing yourself a disservice by not carrying The Commuter.

2018 is ours.