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Favorite EDC Community Pictures

February 20, 2018

Favorite EDC Community Pictures

EDC Community

We recently opened up our EDC Community Facebook group so that we could hear more from you. From product requests, to color options, to discussing what you carry everyday, EDC Community has 500+ members helping each other to re-evaluate their everyday carry. 

And our favorite part? Seeing exactly what you carry! Here's a few of our favorite pictures from the group. Thank you all for contributing! If you're looking to join, you can sign up here.

Now onto the photos:

OD Green:

A relatively new addition to The Ridge family, the OD Green wallet is complemented well an equally-desert green blade and a couple multitools. This EDC seems to be a great balance between style and utility. Functional, minimal, and objectively stylish. 


Another 2017 addition, the Navy wallet and additional items look sea-worthy to say the least. The custom-woven lanyard and sleek key holder add a unique twist to a properly-prepped carry. The Navy Ridge, a centerpiece in this photo, is lifetime guaranteed and available with free world wide shipping, per usual. 

Carbon Fiber:

A fan favorite, the carbon fiber wallet can benefit from being accompanied by a few other carbon fiber items. Key organizer, knife, wallet, bottle opener—everything is better with carbon fiber and this carry proves it. 

Black Aluminum:

With a leatherman multi tool and accompanying analog watch, this carry contains a few staples. Simple, stylish, and packed with utility, the Black aluminum Ridge wallet is a perfect fit here. 


Gold. Gold. Gold. This EDC is a rare breed of utility, style and flair. If you want to turn heads, grab the Gold Ridge Wallet. If you want to turn even more heads, pair it with gold everything. And you know what they say: 2 blades are better than 1.