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Cards Over Cash: Ditching the bulky wallet

April 11, 2018

Cards Over Cash: Ditching the bulky wallet

Stop carrying cash

Much like they say of The Queen, we say “cash is dead. Long live cash.” But in all likelihood, those paper dollars we keep wadded up in our pockets will, eventually, go the way of monarchies.

It seems unlikely that when we are being ferried about on self-flying cars in 30 years that we’ll be passing back and forth pieces of paper as a form of currency. Much more likely is that all forms of transactions will be digital. Heck, we’re already headed that way today.

Whether it’s because of apple pay, venmo or “old-fashioned” debit cards, most of us have stopped carrying cash. While there still may be a hint of romance in greenbacks, the fact of the matter is, carrying cash is riskier and generally unnecessary. So if you’re one of the Costanzas out there, carrying a wallet the size of a softball, here’s how and why you should downsize.

Technology is your friend:

As we briefly mentioned, the 21st century is the real killer of cash. Venmo, apple pay, and square cash all provide means, whether a physical card or simply your finger, to pay for just about everything you need. Back in the day, cash was the quicker option when debit cards processed slower and required signatures etc. Now you can literally press your finger to a machine and be on your way.

The added benefit of technology is the protection. Most of these services have chargeback protection. Therefore, if you’ve been wronged, the seller can no longer stick their tongue out at you as they wave your cash in front of you. These services also provide instant proof of purchase if there is something wrong with an item you bought. No longer is your receipt turned into Willy Wonka's golden ticket, the sole means for you to return a faulty item.

Credit Cards Give Back:

As we mentioned in a previous post,(link) many credit cards actually give you cash back or provide discounts on a host of items, and can even help pay for future vacations. Using cash only gives you precisely nothing, except for maybe germs and a wallet the size of an encyclopedia. There’s also the possibility of theft. If your credit card is lost or stolen, you can cancel it and go on about your day without anything more than a mild inconvenience. If your wallet is stolen while wadded down with dollar bills, your hard earned money is gone, baby, gone.

Pockets Are No Longer For Bulging:

Perhaps when Gordon Gekko was running things on Wall Street, a giant wallet may have been a sign of wealth. It should be noted that then, suits the size of Bigfoot were fashionable. In 2018, slim is king and that includes your pockets. Walking around with a failing wallet is about a chic as a palm pilot. The Ridge Wallet combines sexy and safety like nothing before it, so get with the times and lose your obese wallet.