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A Dyanmic Duo: The Ridge Wallet and Phone Case

March 29, 2018

A Dyanmic Duo: The Ridge Wallet and Phone Case

Less is more.

That phrase may have been first seen in Robert Browning poem in 1855, but it is more applicable today than anytime before. Gone are cumbersome man purses and backpacks stuffed with accessories. Even cash is becoming a thing of the past. Soon enough we will be paying with fingerprints and eye scans.

However, until then, you still need a place for your essentials: credit cards, driver’s license, etc. The Ridge Wallet is that wallet of the future; slim, sexy and safe from high tech class of criminals digitally stealing your information without getting closer than a few feet. These thieves inhabit airports, train stations, malls, anywhere they know people are carrying our plastic currency, ready to be stolen.

Yet, having an RFID blocking wallet, while vital, especially for travelers, also has a singular drawback. There are times when it’s inconvenient for your theft blocking Ridge Wallet to be blocking scanning attempts. After all, not every attempt to scan your card is inherently fraudulent. For example, in many cities, public transportation cards like the clipper card in SanFrancisco can be scanned without ever having to remove it from your wallet. The Ridge Wallet doesn’t allow that. A gym membership card is another time you wouldn't mind your card being scanned.

A multi-functional phone case

Thankfully, we've got you covered with an equally low profile phone case. Made with quality oil waxed, full grain leather, the Ridge Wallet phone case is a classy answer to the need of scannable cards.

Sporting two ultra-minimalist style pockets, your phone case will not only protect your ever handy, attached tech but also provide easy access for your card scanning needs. Breeze through turnstiles quickly as your readable cards are scanned, while your vital credit cards are protected in your Ridge Wallet.

The perfect complement

Together, the Ridge Wallet phone case and RFID blocking wallet offer the perfect combination of low profile design, security and convenience for 21st-century tech. The phone case is made with all the proper consideration of today’s smartphone: easy access to buttons without sacrificing durability or creating a bulky bulge in your pocket.

The high-quality material also exudes an elegance that is lost on just about every other phone case. The case comes with a year-long warranty and weighs a half ounce, keeping your phone light as a feather.

Until we go full science fiction, getting everything we need from a contact lens, a quality wallet and phone case will never go out of style.