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3 tips to minimizing your life

April 16, 2018

3 tips to minimizing your life

Less is more.

Everyone says that but typically when they aren’t sure what else to say. In reality, at least according to the internet, “Less is more” was first seen in a Robert Browning poem in 1855 called “The Faultless Painter.” Since that doesn’t feel very applicable to, well, anything today, we’ll go with the contemporary definition of a minimalist approach. This minimalist approach can be applied to just about everything from architecture to your closet.

The Ridge, for instance, started with your wallet. That bloated leather bifold that rests in the pockets of millions of men is not only curving spines, but is taking up far more space than it needs to. The Ridge was built minimally to help you re-evaluate your everyday carry—an ethos we’ve ported over to backpacks and phone cases as well.

Wallets aside, it’s easier than ever to accumulate stuff. Whether it’s caused by insistent relatives, hell-bent on you owning four different types of napkin rings or an Irish-coffee fueled Amazon Prime binge, turning into a hoarder can seemingly happen overnight. While it may seem harmless for your basement to be filled with boxes of baseball cards and dvd’s like “When Harry Met Sally,” you’d be surprised at how much happier you would be if your life wasn’t so bloated withstuff.

Why is Less More:

Writer and designer Graham Hill makes the less is more argument in this Ted Talk. His assertion is partly based on the fact that Americans have more space than ever, so they feel the need to fill it withstuff. However, our brains can only handle so much. Ever walk into a lunch spot see the menu on the wall and it looks like Moses wrote the Book of Genesis on a chalkboard? Choice can be paralyzing, even downright overwhelming. The same is true for the clutter in your life. It eventually can become a weight on your subconscious: cluttered room, cluttered mind. So the question is posed, how do you declutter?

Cut the Cord:

Going minimal requires a hint of brutality. Ask yourself, do I need this? Does it bring joy to my life? If the answers are no, you don’t need it. Go through everything at once or in stages; the expunging of you life should be done at your own pace. However, it’s easier to get in the mode of throwing things out if you do it by categories. For example, go through your books, then your clothes, then decorations. The more things you throw away the lighter your subconscious weight will feel, trust us.

Usefulness is always in style

Less is not just more, it’s also stylish. Wouldn’t you agree? Having less also highlights the items you actually use and enjoy. Chances are you have a bunch of possessions that you keep just because you have had them for so long. If you don’t use it, lose it. That may seem harsh but keeping the waffle maker just because your favorite aunt gave it to you is a recipe for hoarding. Find a permanent home for things. If it’s not something you use regularly, you probably don’t need it. Kill the needless disorder in your life by simplifying everything. You’ll be amazed at how much better you feel when your life becomes slim, simple and clean.