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From Homes to Wallets: The Minimalist Lifestyle That's Taking Over

May 10, 2017

From Homes to Wallets: The Minimalist Lifestyle That's Taking Over

The minimalist lifestyle is nothing new.

For thousands of years, people have found value in ridding their lives of excess items and baggage. Whether it be Eastern Asian philosophy encouraging the abandonment of material possessions or explorers distilling their homes into what would fit on horseback, we have always romanticized minimalism.

The movement, however, has found a second wind in the past few years, trending all across the United States. Having come of age in the great recession and accumulated record-high student debt numbers, young consumers have become increasingly focused on streamlining their lives. From tiny homes to capsule wardrobes, millennials everywhere are finding creative ways to depart from the material-focused lifestyles of past generations.

Today’s Trends

Today, the average consumer has 120 items of clothing with 80% going unworn. That number has ballooned from the 36 items that it was in the 1940s. It has only been in the past few years where we’ve seen these trends beginning to reverse course.

What becomes exciting is the ways in which we downsize our belongings without compromising function or utility. Tiny Homes, for instance, are incredibly creative with space utilization, letting people live in substantially smaller homes without giving up many (if any) of the amenities.

Every Day Carry

That same philosophy is being applied to what we keep in our pockets. People all over the world are finding the perfect combination of tools and gadgets to get the most out of what little they keep with them. We simply don’t need to carry around as much as we used to—and that starts with wallets.

We’ve talked before about the bloatedness of bifold wallets—the ones stuffed with credit cards and receipts and whatever else would fit. The ones where you’d keep every gift card you’d ever gotten with you all the time. The ones that cause back pains and hip bone stress.

They’re quickly becoming a thing of the past.

Just as tiny homes are creatively designed to provide near-full functionality at a fraction of the size, The Ridge is a slim, front pocket wallet created to fit exactly what you need it to and look just as you’d like it to.

Minimalist without being limiting.

Whether you need it for one driver's license or ten credit cards, The Ridge’s flexible design helps you carry less while always having what you need.