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The Ridge Essentials: Back-to-school Guide

August 08, 2018

The Ridge Essentials: Back-to-school Guide

Everyone loves the summer! Beautiful hikes, sunny beach days, backyard barbecues… could it get any better? Probably not, but perhaps part of what makes summer so special is that it only lasts for a little while, and then autumn comes to take its place.

For millions of young adults out there, of course, the changing of the leaves signifies one thing: school is coming. Whether you’re still getting your undergrad or working toward that PhD of your dreams, there comes a point where you start gearing up for the long nights, frequent coffee breaks, study sessions, and perhaps late night bar hops to recover your social life.

This semester, though, when you go back to school, you should come organized. Ready for action. Bulletproof. That’s why we recommend starting your semester with The Ridge Essentials, products perfectly tailored to your student needs. We already reinvented your wallet: let us do the same for the rest of your carry.

The Ridge Wallet

This is no surprise—our namesake product is a back-to-school must. Whether you're whipping out your school ID to hit the gym or your credit card for the cafeteria, you should be doing it out of sleek, minimalist wallet. 

And let's not forget, the options are nearly endless.

Carbon fiber, titanium, aluminum; 12+ colors, plated cash straps and money clips; our latest wallets even have beveled edges to take the edge off. We think we've reached peak wallet. Check them out here.

The Commuter

The Ridge Commuter Backpack is made with you in mind: rather than outfitting this piece with a bunch of useless knickknacks, every single feature has a purpose.

First of all, the Commuter Backpack comes armed with a water-resistant nylon shell, so if you’re running between classes in a thunderstorm, your papers won’t get wet. Need to keep your phone charged? The Commuter Backpack has a built in USB-charging port. Additional features are a shockproof laptop compartment, a luggage strap, water bottle holders, and an RFID-blocking hidden pouch, just in case you go traveling and need a little extra protection.

That’s all we’ve got, and that’s all you need.

Varieties and Price

You could shell out hundreds of dollars on a nice backpack, sure. But we don’t want you to break the bank. That’s why we offer the 15 inch commuter, perfect for everyday use, at a price of only $105 USD. Can’t beat that, right?

On the other hand, if you’re looking for a slightly bigger bag that you can bring on your Saturday hiking trips as well, snag the 17 inch Weekender. It’s both a school bag and a travel bag, all in one. Thinking that it costs extra? Think again: it’s the same price, so make your pick.

Add a Power Bank

If you’re not already using a power bank to keep your phone up and running everywhere you go, well, the benefits sell themselves. We normally sell the Ridge power bank for about $40 USD, which is a good deal. But if you’re already getting the backpack, don’t buy the power bank separately: if you get them both at once, by adding the power bank to your purchase, it’ll only cost an extra $20. That’s the price of a couple burritos, for the benefit of never having to search for chargers under the computer desk again.

School is coming fast, and we’re here to help. Don’t miss out! 

The Card Case

Sometimes lightening the load means slimming down even further — ditching the wallet altogether. The Card Case was designed specifically for traveling light.

Where The Ridge Wallet's RFID-blocking plates were designed specifically for protecting your cards and, in turn, private information, The Card Case reduces security in exchange for convenience. Sporting two ultra-minimalist style pockets, your phone case will not only protect your ever handy, attached tech but also provide easy access for your card scanning needs. Breeze through turnstiles quickly as your readable cards are scanned, while your vital credit cards are protected in your Ridge Wallet.


Black, grey, navy; Not only does the Card Case allow you to travel with less, it lets you do it in style. Scope a few of the photos below to see how it can fit into your everyday carry.